Kites of paper in the sky —

Lift your head up high!

Shades come nearer from a distance —

Plastic image in my mind.

Through a window I see sunshine —

My monochromatic view of the world

Suddenly bursts alive with colour.


Stars fall out of the universe,

Suns gleam everywhere,

Kaleidoscopes tumble and twirl

In the jumble of my mind.


Love can glow and

Love can die,

Heads fall tumbling from the sky.


My heart is as loud as a pneumatic hammer

While I embrace every particle of your body

And we sway in the salty sea-breeze.


A landscape’s scene —

Sunshine, green grass and trees,

The sinuous line of a blue river,

Happiness and peace everywhere;

We two, together in that scene,

Making love in the grass —

I know that it’s love we found.


Surrealistic love —

The dream-like registration of love.

Is love just a vision, a dream?