And you cover me

With kisses —


In th abyss of my brain.


Skip around the fire

In a spiritdream of night,

Flickering like a new love

In the temple of my heart!


Writing into myself

Around my inner nearness

Or the remoteness of you —

Writing around or through the misery.


And here ‘s another thought:

You and me together in a car bound south,

Me slipping hopefully, desire-filled,

In between the particles of your body,

Holding the price of your affection

In the palm of my greedy hand.


The new ideology:

Your love as the grease of my heart,

The pleasure of my loneliness,

In between all the bright places

That light up my hopeless desire.


But it’s only a sweet face

Printed on the covers of a book

And the burning liquid in my guts

That brought me to this revelation:

How I yearn with all my might

From out of the places of despair,

That lie in the chasms

Of my heart and my brain,

For somebody to carry my torch.