It’s like a new morning —

I’m gonna go to a quiet place.


Every now and then I see that girl’s face

Which was waiting in the window.

I met her somewhere under the sky —

We ran through high grass

And found ourselves in the field

Under ears of grain.

We had fun together,

Slept and were tender under the sky.


O blue, blue sky,

She took me so high

And nothing disturbed us.


She was the cutest, most beautiful girl

That I had ever seen.

Her long black hair,

Flowing in the soft summerwind;

Her eyes, big cat’s eyes,

Like starlight so bright;

Her mouth, cerise lips,

Seductive gleam of desire!


She left me then, by morning light,

I don’t remember, where she ’s gone.

It’s like a new morning now —

I’m gonna go to a quiet place

To think about what will be now.


I believe, I will never see her again,

She will be a summernight’s dream forever —

I believe, my friend.

There will be a new season,

Will be a new year for me.

There will be new girls,

Will be kissing lips,

There will be fingers on my skin —

Tense nerves,

Electrifying feelings

And exploding desire.


There will be new mornings,

New waiting faces —

But I will never see you again

And I don’t care,

My little summernight’s dream!