Was it love I felt?

Was this feeling of need real

Or just an illusion of unfulfilled yearning?

Was it just a deception of the alcohol,

Or did the sight of your nakedness

Open the scars of my loneliness?


But I thought I loved your face,

Your chestnut hair!

You seemed so fragile

And yet sure of yourself —

It might have been just my imagination

Which made you seem so near to me.


Maybe there was more between us —

You seemed to care for me,

There seemed to be affection

On your side too:

The way you laid your hand

Upon my arm,

Laughed about my silly jokes.


The time together was far to short

To know what was really true.

The parting seemed hurtful enough for us.

I don’t even have a photo of you:

For the time being

The picture in my mind is real.


I don’t know if I’ll ever

See you again

And only time may tell

If my feelings of today

Will turn out true.