To see your parents

In the sunshine of youth,

To be there as they play:

All the innocence

You’d never associate them with,

Who gave your adolescence

That special mould

You’ll never be able to lose.


Think of all the times

You’ve cursed their characters

Without actually knowing them,

Because they wanted this or forbade that;


Think of all the misunderstandings

When you wanted to do something

They couldn’t understand

And you accused them for all the wrong reasons.


Wouldn’t it help your confidence

To know where they made mistakes?

Wouldn’t it take the sting out of controversies

When you’d have seen their youth —

An instance of the privacy

You’ll never get into?

Wouldn’t it increase the possibilities

Of your life with and relation to them?

Wouldn’t it create a whole new tenderness

To have gotten a glimpse of their youth?