2.) The Ealdian Rulers

a) The Ealdian Kings

0 Grynnfounds Eald (more probably it was the battle-chief of the Darians who founded the realm and was stiled a demigod by Alfon I.)
25- 40 Grunos II., founder of the Ealdian royal house, from the family of the Grunians
40 – 52 Alfon I.
52 – 76 Alfon II.; dies without descendants
Family of the Trakaeans  
77 – 91 Trakos I., former army-leader under Alfon II.
91 – 99 Trakos II.
100 – 112 Trakos Alamanos
112 – 129 Trakos Olakoos, founding father of the Olakoids
Family of the Olakoids  
130 – 139 Archimanos Olakoos
140 – 151 Caeron Olakoos
151 – 166 Laktidus Olakoos; "Conqueror of Gurum"
166 – 191 Trakos Olakoos II.
Family of the Grusarians  
192 – 202 Grusar I., adopted son of Laktidus
202 – 218 Grusar II.
218 – 231 Lamon I., "Conqueror of the Hills"
231 – 235 Ragoras II., "Last of the Kings"

b) The Ealdian Emperors (since 235 a.GF.)

235 – 238 Archimanos Parablata, "Three-Years'-Emperor", overthrows Ragoras II.with the help of Gurian Legions and changes Eald into en ampire
239 – 247 Telaron I.; profits by the poisoning of Archimanos and executes Archimanos' wife and murderess Alena
248 – 259 Telaron II.; introduces the office of the Imperial Councillor and lays down the "Lex Ealdum", a collection of laws for the administration of justice
260 – 275 Alfon III.
276 – 284 Balaiur I., founding father of the Balairian Dynasty; he signs the Treaty of Friendship with Arel II. of Nyral and introduces the Principle of Administartion; "Victor over Rygia"
285 – 282 Balaiur II.
292 – 306 Rastanos I.; his reign sees the expansion of eald to the Western Sea
306 – 317 Rastanos II.; he gives the order to conquer Myrddia
317 – 326 Lygamon the Lion; "Victor at the Tegarden"
The Intermediary Emperors  
327 – 334 Ratos Alanos
334 – 339 Lygamon II.
340 – 351 Ragoras III.
351 – 360 Ragoras Alanos; he leads the 1st Kyrian War
360 – 362 Saros II., "Victor of the Battle of the Lions"
362 – 366 Saros III.; gives the order to construct the Wall against the Storm of Tribes; names Plaron I. co-regent in 364
Narian Dynasty  
364 – 369 Plaron I., father of the Narian Dynasty; co-regent of Saros III. and Army Commander of the East
370 – 381 Syron an Delanos; defeats the Myrddian Tribes as Army Commander of the West in four battles and becomes emperor of Eald by the name Plaron II.
382 – 389 Saros IV., called "the Delicate"
390 – 392 Myron I., rules in a time of inner wars, called "Years of Strive"; the Army Commander of the North, Syron Aramatos, acclaims himself Northern Emperor; after the Battle of Xardum he becomes
392 – 393 new emperor as Plaron III.
393 – 395 Rabon I. murders his father Plaron and becomes the new emperor
395 – 409 his son Myron overthrows Rabon and becomes last emperor of the Narian Dynasty as Saron V.
Lyndian Dynasty  
410 – 417 Lyndon I. promotes the inner and outer trade ("Lyndon the Trader"); Emperor becomes High Judge
418 – 425 Negaron I.; defeats the Confederation of the Lychango-Mountaintribes (formed in 220) in the Battle at the Ap-Salom ; first break with the Principle of Administration in order to pacify them; "Victor at the Ap-Salom"
425 – 438 Negaron II., "Victor of Erdum"; defeats the invading Terian Nomads in 426 n.GF.; Negaron's Treaty as attempt to pacify the Nomads
438 – 446 LyndonII.
Borian Dynasty  
447 – 458 Boras II., father of the Borians
458 – 460 Boras the Ailing; dies already at the age of 26 by tuberculosis
460 – 465 Boras IV.
465 – 490 Boras V.; takes over the office with nineteen and expands the Ealdian dominion as an ingenious army commander along the Sulon (446 - 449); Boras dies in the Battle of Teradias in the Second Kyrian War; "Boras the Great"
490 – 498 under Boras VI. some minor battles occur, but neither the Ealdian nor the Kyrian side gains any advantages
499 – 504 Boras VII.; the Army Commander of the East, Apatus an Darayn, defeats the Kyrians in the Battle of Sardum (500) and is made co-regent in 502; Peace Treaty of Veradum
502 – 528 Apatus the Great; at first co-regent and later emperor, he becomes founding father of the Semarians; conquers the kingdom of Lanem north of Buras; "Victor of Rahla"
Dynasty of the Semarians  
528 – 534 Apatus II., "Patron of the Arts"
535 – 541 Naros I., loses the region between the Salem and the Ap-Salom to the Terian Nomads after the Battle of Blodum
542 – 549 Trakos VI., builds the "Salem-Forts"
550 – 571 Naros Rastanos; the title Friends of the Emperor is made a formal honorific in 550 (Knights with the duty to pay taxes), but often the Friends of the Emperor function as spies
571 – 584 Legamanos Parablata; under Ludaion an Gala, the Army Commander of the South, the attack on Allaron, Dioganon and Yngwa begins
585 – 692 Ludaion I., foundation of the Vassal Kingdoms in 592 and with it the second break with the Principle of Admínistration takes place; appointment of regents
593 – 600 Nastanos I.; defeat against the Galdian Principality; Treaty of peace and friendship with Gald (660)
601 – 604 Nastanos II.; is killed by Negaron Legados, the founding father of the Legadians.
Legadian Dynasty (with interruptions)  
604 – 605 Archimanos Legados; kills Nastanos II.; start of the Many-Emperors'-Reign of Eald
605 Rulamos I.; is displaced after the Battle of Gura by
606 – 607 Lyndon III.; is murdered by
607 – 609 Naros Legados; the gold of the dome of the Royal Palace is removed to be molten down for the productions of coins
609 – 610 Rulamos II.; is murdered by
610 – 621 Bulamon Legados; "Preserver of Peace"
622 – 627 Balaiur Legados
627 – 649 Ragoras V., last emperor of the Legadian Dynasty; later called "the Glutton",when he succumbs to the decadence; the Friends of the Emperor secure his reign by espionage; artistic prosperity and extended construction-activity in the capital
The Soldiers' Emperors  
649 – 658 Rylamon I.; becomes first Soldiers' Emperor as former Army Commander of the South; before he later also succumbs to decadence, he achieves victory over the Terian Nomads in the Battle of Gordum
658 – 662 Rylamon II.; nephew of the last emperor; curtailing of the Rights of the Magistrate
662 – 663 Lyndon Parablata; acclaimed emperor by his Legions as "Victor of Veradum" over the Kyrians in 661, he is confirmed in his title by the murder of Rylamon
663 – 666 Syron II.; defeats Lyndon in the Battle of Odum and ascends the throne of the emperor; in 665 he is defeated by Fyramon an Septimos in the Battle of Luoch; his brother Tyros is also defeated by Fyramon at Gura
666 – 685 Fyramon I.:, stiled "the Great" by himself, he becomes emperor after the murder of Syron (the deed is carried out by an Imperial Councillor); he moves the seat of the Imperial Court into the Emperor's District; in 676 he defeats the Terian Nomads and dissolves the Imperial Council in 669 – emperor as High Judge; founding father of the Septimes
Septimes, Second Many-Emperors'-Rule  
686 -689 Reblaron I.; noteworthy especially through his pompeous processions and by dissolving the Imperial Court
690 – 700 Fyramon II., later called "the Lazy"; in 696 Kchunar the Great leads the Lyhango-Mountaintribes to Gurum and defeats the Legions of the North at Blogas and Sardum
700 – 702 Ragoras Septimos; Second Many-Emperors'-reign of Eald
703 – 708 Malus Restanos
708 – 709 Lanus I., murders Malus
709 – 711 Lanus II.; fights with Nublos Nardos for the region of the eastern Inner Sea -- great destructions in Augura and Sardum

c) The Emperors of the Divided Realms

712 – 716 Lanus III.; ends the war for dominion by dividing Eald into an Eastern and a Western Real in the Treaty of Narda
715 – 722 Nublos II.* (Emperor of the East), orders the Lex Ealdum to be drawn up
717 – 724 Lanus Restanus; founds the Seperate Constitutions
722 – 728 Nublos III.*, loss of Erdum
724 – 735 Kyros Myrdios from Rall in Myrddia; founds the Myrddian Dynasty
728 – 737 Narodos I., ascends to the throne by the murder of Nublos
736 – 753 Legamanos the Great; distinguishes himself by promoting the arts and by re-structuring Myrddia
737 – 743 Narodos II.*; the two Army Commanders Luras an Talanos and Rymon Deragatos, which he nominates, lose the battles of Teradias and Sardum; Narodos is murdered by
743 – 745 Paratus Parablata*, an Army Commander who makes himself emperor (742); he dies in the Battle at Rygas
745 – 756 Narodos III.*; he moves the seat of government to Lagdum; construction of the Incomplete Library
753 – 761 Legamanos II.; "Victor of Gura" as victor over the Vosals (756)
757 – 760 Samonos I.*; withdrawal from the province Lugas
762 – 770 Voldanus I.; "Victor at the Darus" against the Vosals, but abandonment of the Darus-Delta and conctruction of a border fort at the Darus
760 765 Samonos II.*; loses battles at Norga and Milum against the Vosals
766 – 772 Hamos I.*; "Victor at the Nagon", but must abandon Arbdum and Alg; retreat behind the Neglus
771 – 779 Voldanus II.; adopted son of Voldanus I.; "Victor of Lia"; he builds the Wall of Lia between the Darus and the eastern Inner Sea at Lia
772 – 777 Hamos II.*, "last emperor of the Eastern Realm"; the eastern Realm collapses after he loses the Battle at the Neglus"
779 – 784 Voldanus Borabadius; withdrawal from Myrddia; founder of the Borabadian dynasty

d) End of the Western Realm (Borabadian Dynasty)

784 – 788 Sylon Borabadius; loss of Lanem and the region west of Salem and the Ap-Salom
789 – 794 Trestus Borabadius
794 – 799 Lygaron Borabadius
800 – 804 Agaton I.; last Ealdian emperor; must abandon Nyral at the start of his reign; he dissolves the Ealdian Western Realm in favour of an Aranian-Ealdian Kingdom in the Treaty of Pardum

Imperium Ealdum