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So come on, adventurous traveller. Follow the dragons, which will lead you to my featured worlds. If you be willing, come back every so often to see what else the Lair has to offer.


Imperium Ealdum

A realm which was originally created for a story. But as it happened: the story never got finished, although there exists at least a beginning: The former Imperial Councillor Rutus an Daruga remembers the time of his friendship with the imperator Fyramon an Septimos.

It is at present re-used in a somewhat altered form for the online role-playing-game Mysticora by The background there is, of course, quite different, but some features (for example part of the administrative imperial system) base on the Imperium Ealdum. Be sure to visit the site (; the game promises to be quite exciting.


The Fergiartan Empire is a project on which I have worked for some years now. It is the background for the Fergiartan language, which can be found in the third part of my website, "Speaking in Tongues".

Only the first historical period is presented here, though. The period contains the time from the first immigration of the Fergiartan tribes to the proper founder of the realm, Meyapotina, as well as the foundation of the second part of the Fergiartan Empire, the Marimarga.