I didn’t come here to hassle you with questions —

All those unnecessary questions that weigh down my heart —

But to ask for kind thougts in the middle of the night,

Ask for forgiveness for all the bad things I’ve done.


We are one of a kind in misery, children of tears,

Huddling under the mercilessly blowing gale

That stained our pure island, our refuge,

Where we sought shelter from the relentless world.


All the things we yearned for, the things we tried to gain,

The methods we applied, when the world asked not for us...

But like the leaves of the trees must wither and die,

So died all of our hopes, fertilizing nothing.


My little jealoudies didn’t amount to much, not much,

But I saw the hurt in your eyes and understood it,

When I felt your heart pumping wth it in the night;

Wond’ring when I’d leave you, our dependency’d turn to hate.


Well, leaving you in the end didn’t mean anything —

Certainly it made the cold nights no warmer.

Now the sky is opening after long days of rain,

But I ask for kind words of yours

‘Cause the days of rain are not over for me yet...