O, where have you gone, my blue-eyed angel

With your sweet delicacy and your cheerfulness?

They say you’ve gone down the drain now,

Like a broken doll that has been thrown away.


Your laughter once filled these now empty rooms

With warmth and kindness and bliss;

But they say you have spent all your energy,

Had a breakdown that left you all in ruins.


They say your eyes were painted as black as night now —

Your sparkling eyes that evocated such high sprits in me!

They say your skin was tattooed with bloody patterns now —

Your skin which was so velvety smooth and warm!


They say you are like a harpy now, tattered and torn:

You, who have been so beautiful and dear to me,

You, who have been my lover, delight and muse!

You, who meant life to me — why have you left me?


When your life is a personal hell now, my angel,

My grief shall be abysmal, my love more ardent than before;

Wherever you have gone now, they say I can’t follow you,

But I will exert my soul to reach the last flicker of you!