Three witches call the call tonight

And lonely people babble

The songs of solitude; once again

Loreley sings her song — unmoved.

She stares into her blazing mirror

And communicates with her fate.


This is the circus of cruel life

Where we play-act the switchback;

Here the beginning is the end,

The end is the beginning

And the middle is the same again —

You’ll have to scream

To make sure that you’re still there.


Call to the judges, the relentless judges

And wail your complaints to them!

Twist with despair, with the pain in your soul!

Tear at your flesh, burn your clothes, break apart!

It won’t be of any use —

They won’t hear your cries, laugh about the laments.


Can you hear the cries of the damned?

There is no hope in judgement —

Forgiveness, righteousness; not here, not here.

And Loreley sings her lonely song

Lost forever in the blackness of mind...