I’m dreaming of hot sunny summer days

In these dismal, drunken winter nights:

Thinking of laughing girls in bikinis,

Cool beer, drunken under parasols,

Of cool seawater, white beaches,

Fruit-cocktails after swimming...


I’m freezing to death, in- and outwardly,

Giving in to curses, wishes of death-destruct,

Sentimentalizing in a dreamlike state,

Hallucinating of desert-oases,

Of nights under sprinkling starlight,

Eaten my fill of mutton-chops

Way out in the Hamada-loneliness.


Next to lovely Jordan

They’re fighting a stupid war

Getting agitated over oil and Allah,

While I wish I could swim in the Red Sea,

Hovering over the beautiful coral-scene.

I’d like to change; winter-wishes.