You look at me from the pages,

Safe from my desires —

But I am defenceless.

You tease and you tempt me,

Whether you’re clothed

Or your nude body shines

Like a beacon in my eyes,

Tantalizing and dazzling

With its riskless promises.


O yes, you may smile,

Play with the unseen eyes,

Safe from harm as you are;

O yes, enhance your forms

As if you did it for me,

So my thoughts may run freely,

Rape or caress you,

Spill my sweat or keep it cool,

Cause only irony could help me.


You’ve got the better side

Of the bargain,

Can ravish my feelings

And my naked brain-

Yes, burn me, incite me,

Invade me, abuse me,

Do what you like

Cause I yearn for you all!