Stone buildings rise near the lake, holy places,

Right in the green glen between mountain ridges,

Artificial residences for the spirit of God —

Leading a spartan life for the greater glory of the heavens.


The land is as wild as the Celts who lived here —

Uncompromising minds, bent on freedom, no master’s slaves.

In later days many fled the land for the sake of this —

To them the priests came, to make a home for their lord.


Like the druids, who fulfilled their vow to nature,

The monks took to living here, in communion with the One,

Underwent toiling and fasting for to strengthen their souls

And they set out to carry the gospel over the sea, to heathen lands.


Wise and gentle minds, esthetic men with powers of persuasion,

Bearing their forefathers’ strictness and eloquence.

Is it that the faith grows stronger here

Or have their times brought forth better minds?