Tell me, how we could have come this far

From rounded pebbles and smoothed surfaces

To this innermost discord, this stressful state?

We have gone so far away from those innocent grounds

And have returned to find only a loss of value.


Bits and pieces of habit haunt through our mind.

We couldn’t change the world

And so it did change us — thoroughly.

The turn of the world isn’t our turn anymore;

Helplessly we watch it spin, breathless, stunned.


Reality seems like illusion, our past is our present

And that of which we dreamt, looks like a mirage now.

We told ourselves what we would do

When the time, which now is so unreal, was reached,

And now only our dreams and hopes are gone.


We left our future in the trenches of yesterday

And find us on a plane without horizon

Stretching endlessly, leaving us without orientation.

The simple things in life have to be learned anew

For we have lost all our knowledge.


We are bereft of youth, bereft of chances.

Images of ourselves were shown to us,

Reflected by an obscure part of our being

And so we did what we did

And now there’s no chance of changing it.


Of course we could have refused —

But we didn’t know then what we know now!

And yes, I know, we will be judged by what we’ve done

But you’re always more clever afterwards

And what does youth know of reason?

Now there’s nothing left but memories and dreams and memories...

And nothing better to do than to go along; hoping

That our wounds and inner conflicts will be healed

By time.