Take back the curse which blinds the light

That was to be my garden’s sun!

I’ve seen the green hills in my dreams,

Seen fountains gushing butterflies —

But raven’s wings shadowed the gleam.


Men are wont to propagate strength —

Foreign to the secret longing of hearts,

Finding strength in defeat.

But my mirror’s tell-tale image

Fled the shadow of the giant, who


Walks in moonshade over mountains

Capped with snow. The frosty scream,

Shattering the pureness of castles in ice,

Emotion-cold in steel-shimmering rooms,

Broke chunks of pain from my mind.


And see!, a flaming spectre raised its sword,

Severed the eagle’s chains, fettered to mountains,

Who, sending off hosts of rainbow-sparks

Ascended to blue and partly clouded skies

While the giant raged underneath.


Another one’s likeness followed the prodigal,

The wayward eagle on the way to freer skies,

Who, following pioneered trails, haunts city-bars

In the high season of wanton indulgence.


Lifetide tumbling, blood, tangled in her veins

Spurts out, soiling snow. Burning screams,

Crashing mirrors of crumbling faces in rage,

Vivid with horror in emotion-filled apartments,

Drove the wish of death into my guilty mind,

Urging me to flee the place of my sin.