The Seer: I saw the trees blossom

After blood fell to earth —

Fertile Blood, like a stream of milk

That left the mother’s breast.


He: There was a lot of freedom

In the land we deserted,

Had to leave behind

After the first days of may.

We knew our blessings then

Which were so rich, so dear...

But now so much is lost,

Gone like the summerwinds.


The Seer: The dead climbed out of their graves

And the wise ones shook their heads,

After the bell tolled, in the hour of midnight.

The wolvens’ howl bent the beams of moonlight

And cracked crystal clinked upon the wooden floor.


He: When the sun has fallen

And the fragrance is lost in the wind,

When the words of wisdom are wiped from the walls.

Well, what can you do but try to survive,

Hold on to a bit of hope?

Your debtors will not hear your cries

And how much you clamour, nothing will be done;

So its no use, to mourn for lost possessions.

Enduring is hard and not much to pay for.


The Seer: There was the mirror of water’s surface

And into this the kingfisher dived,

Sending ripples all over the pool.

Scrying showed a mountainside —

Rimmed with frost, dazzling —

On which a fairy stood,

A white blossom in her hair.


He: But through every curtain gleams the light

And behind doors are new rooms to be found;

Within every heart is hope, mixed with fear

And love and misery, unveiled with shades.

We all can hide in the valleys

And the way to the mountain is steep

But behind it wait new landscapes.

Only in the valley our sight of them is hindered.