Sometimes passion falls into our life

At the absurdest moments,

When nothing that held meaning before,

Seems to have a meaning, even in the oddest way.


And sometimes even the greatest absurdities

Take on a meaning they never had before;

And sometimes passionless moments

Get filled with a passion that is hard to bear.


Often when I thought about my moments of love

A cynical mirth came stealing over me,

And when I felt free of every gentle emotion,

Something like love touched the fringes of my heart.


And why is it that I can dream to music

That is sweet and gentle and longing

Without feeling a longing in the heart?

Is it just the beauty of the moment?



Every myth has to depart reality

And yet the mystic transcends reality

In the feeling of absolute wonder —

A feeling that exceeds every border:


A sense of wonder that transgresses

Every reason in the presence of the immense —

The feeling of this beautiful creation:

A creation that is inconceivable, that stupifies —


The immensity of this all-embracing creation,

In which man is just a dreamer who wanders

Through the recesses of a fairy-wonderland

He cannot, he will never comprehend;


Where every law is just a facette, a glimpse

Of a jewel with an infinitness of aspects —

This immensity leaves him even more unsure

With every spark of understanding, he seems to catch.


Then: How will man begin to comprehend himself —

Not only because he is part of that creation,

But because everything that is sublime in his nature

Is transgressing the borders of his frail frame?