Example of Eleiar

As a sample text of the Eleiar we present the so-called Forrest Hymn "O folginiav hes o reolosachis" (Remember the forrests) which sings of the sadness of an Elf who has to live far from his country.

Bardorai o reoloses, o ciltás,
O bilines reoloses ar Eleiones.
Bardorai o girtauthes, o aithisos
Hes o girtantes reolosantes ar Eleiones.

Folginorai a leioso aithé
Ddi a hértántes on árdales bronoses,
A curiós leioso ddi ar ascyrante,
A camá gazasone ddi o heirosante a purnaco.

Folginorai aiách o celdónos aifalono,
Beo aion pónathai lur on aithise
Hes a beirimante Célfalimo,
Thrél Rilfinus elsathac hes a imbronimante.

Thuac sucutan cinan hes o gausólante,
Dar a seowes anis on aimach ceithach tin uria.
Ielis ar eoldimis gausathos aiach wiria,
Bardorai aion o bilines reoloses ar Eleiones.



Sing of the forrests, the beautiful,
the fair forrests of the Elves.
Sing of the freedom, the beloved,
In the free forrests of the Elves.

Think of the suns light
On the tops of the sublime trees.
Sing of the sun's rays on the moss,
Its glitter on the waters of the lakes.

Remember the joys of youth
When you, strolling with your beloved
At the banks of the "Lake of the Three Stones",
While the Sun Singer rejoiced in the bushes.

It's cold here, in the foreign lands,
Amongst beings who don't know your heart.
When the glances of the foreigners hurt you,
Think of the fair forrests of the Elves.