Eleiar is the proto-language of the elves on Dylanias. The elves (Eleion Siadd) were created by the Master of Magical Races after the appearance of the humans by their model; the humans having developed independantly from the Magical Races of Dylanias.
In this text we will introduce the base structure of the elven language, the Proto-Elven, as well as the language developed from it, that is the Eleiar. After presenting the structure of Proto-Eleiar in the first part, we will describe the Eleiar by the phonetic changes and the grammatical forms.

On spelling: The roots and basic grammatical elements are written in capitals. So, for example, the word turil (metal) has developed from the root TU (solid, constant) and RIL (iron, metal). In the same way by combining the roots LEJ (to shine, glow) and the collective particle (H)E and the root SEI (people, folk) and the extension AÐ the name of the elves is built according to the grammatical and phonetic rules: Eleion Siadd. Accordingly, words of Eleiar are written in italics. Further developments in the history of the elven languages are written in smaller letters. So for example, from the word Eleiar in another elven dialect, arose the word Ilian (forefathers), with the accent on the first syllable. Forms marked by an asterisk are of Proto-Elven origin, which were changed in Eleian times; e.g. the change from *i to i.



I. Proto-Elven

II. Eleiar

The subsequent elven languages