The Fergiartan Empire

They came out of the far reaches of the Northern Steppe and invaded the fertile plains of the South by way of the  land bridge in the Northwest. In only a few centuries they extended their dominion across the whole continent. From the Isles of the Magicians over the Cities of Darkness and up to the wild mountain tribes of the Maqára: nobody could resist their military and cultural power. Their language and their gods spread among all peoples with whom they came into contact


Here we will present the history and cultural character of the Fergiartuya and their empire. For the time being we only present the phase up to the death of Meyapotina, the founder of the first empire, as well as the history of the Marimarga up to the end of the dynasty of the Egripates. At a later point in time I hope to be able to present the overall view on the internet.

A grammar of the Fergiartan Standard Language can also be found on my website..


Historical Introduction

Historical Outline

Society of the Fergiartuya

Gods and religious systems

Constitutional Systems of Fergiartu

Warfare and Military