I. East-Elven (Fénilar)


I.1. Definition
East-Elven is the language of those elves who emigrated to the
east-dylanian continent; the eastern elves themselves called their language Fénilar, the Language of the Migrated.
In contrast to the accent of Eleiar, which did not accentuate prefixes, the Fénilar introduced strictly an initial accent. The consequence of this expiratory accent (explosive accent on the first syllable) was a change of initial vowels and a weakening of medial syllables.



II.1. Definition

II.2. Phonetic changes of East-Elven

II.3. Grammar

II.3.1. Nouns

II.3.2. Pronouns

II.3.3. Numbers

II.3.4. Verbs

II.3.5. Functional Words

II.3.6. Sample text