I. West-Elven


I.1. Definition

The West-Elven is the language of those elves that were left behind on the western continent of Dylanias by the Great Elven Migration. Scholars call this language mostly Late-Eleiar or - not wholly acurately - Western Elven. This is also the term we will use here.

The language of the Western Elves is mainly characterised by a change of accent. This development must have happened already some time before the emigration of the later Eastern Elves which have regularised the initial accent. Another indication is the fact that the Southern Elves, that is those Elves which live in the south of the western continent, have retained the original accentuation of Eleiar; for the expansion of the Elves into the southern part of the continent began before the Great Elven Migration.


I.1. Definition

I.2. Phonetic development of Western Elven

I.3. Grammar of Western Elven

I.3.1. Nouns

I.3.2. Pronouns

I.3.3. Numbers

I.3.4. Verbs

I.3.5. Functional Words

I.3.6. Example text