III. South-Elven (Eliar)


I.1. Definition
South-Elven is the language of those elves who populated the south of the continent on which the Eleiar developed. This
expansion to the south took place before the Great Elven Migration to the east started and therefore before the change of accent in Western Elven happened. Concerning its grammatical structure and its accent, Southern Elven is more conservative than its sister languages. While South-Elven is called South-Eleiar by the scholars in the west, its inhabitants call the language Eliar.



III.1. Definition

III.2. Phonetic changes of South-Elven

III.3. Grammar

III.3.1. Nouns

III.3.2. Pronouns

III.3.3. Numbers

III.3.4. Verbs

III.3.5. Functional Words

III.3.6. Sample Text